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ֱֵָ֤֨֩֬ ֡ ְֳֳִֶַ֦֦֢֮֮֠֨ ְֱֲֳִֵֵֶ֥֧֪֣֢֭֮֯֠֬֨֬֠֨֫֬ ְֱִִֶ֥֦֣֪֧֢֭֬֩֠֩֩ Professional quality, precision & performance for beautifully precise results. ְְֱִִֵֶֶַ֤֧֥֭֭֯֩֠֫֠֩֨֫֩֠֩ ֱֱֲִִֵֶֶ֥֥֪֭֬֨֡֫֬֩֩֨֠ ֱֱֲֲֳֳִֵֶֺ֧֥֧֢֭֭֭֩֩֯֠֩ ֱָ֣֥֧֨֩֨ ְֱֲֲִֵ֧֭֩֫ ֲֲֳִִִֵַ֪֪֭֩֠֩ ֱֱ֦֥֥֧֥֯֩֠֨ ְֲֲִֶ֧֪֢ ֱֱֱֲֵֶֶ֤֥֭֩֠֩֠֨ ֱֲִֵֵֶֶ֥֧֭֩֩֠ ֱֲֳִֵ֥֩֯ ֱֳִִֶֹ֪֧֭֩֩֩֩֠֬ ֱֵֶַֹֻ֥֥֦֮֩֯֠֨֯֩ ִֵֹ֧֢֩ Wise Guy CLEAN CUT At Alibi NYC Salon ’s two Manhattan locations, stylists offer luxurious services to a fashion-forward clientele. Part of staying on top of trends includes producing regular editorial photo shoots. “The inspiration for this look originated from the 1920s, drawing from the elite, high-society gentleman,” says Alibi NYC Salon Creative Director Koby Ben Yaacov. “This is a versatile, clean, slick look that translates to today’s men’s attention and awareness to details.” To achieve the style, Yaacov cut the hair using a horseshoe sectioning. The sides and back were cut with vertical sections following the head shape, using three different cutting combs and a scissors-over-comb technique. Next, a pro le section of the horseshoe was cut from short to long, using a slicing technique. The sides of the horseshoe were cut using the same technique, over-directing to the pro le section. To nish, Yaacov blow-dried the hair forward and applied wax after it was dry. —L.A. To Be Frank Frank’s Barbershop is famed for SHARPER IMAGE ְֱֱִֹֹֻ֤֧֭֭֮֩֫֩֨֠֨֨֩֠ ְֱֱֲֳִִִֶַֺ֪֦֪֦֧֭֮֠֡֠֩֯֩֡֠ ְְְְֱֱִֵֶָָ֦֦֧֢֭֭֭֠֨֠֩֩ For more detailed information and a distributor near you please visit or call 1-800-645-3340 Baxter of California has joined forces with Canadian brand Base Camp X to create a masculine razor that exempli es no-nonsense simplicity. The tool features a long-lasting, square-point Hart Steel razor blade from Northern Michigan, as well as a handcrafted Tennessee hickory handle that’s been sanded to a marble smoothness. As if that weren’t enough, the straight razor comes encased in a custom rolled pouch made of waxed canvas and oiled leather. —K.D. PHOTOGRAPHY: TRISTAN POPE PHOTOGRAPHY (CLEAN CUT) delivering the ultimate grooming experience—one that harkens back to a bygone era where taking care of how you looked was part of being a man. A Knoxville, TN, institution since 2010, the space features barber-style chairs with sinks at the station that spell tradition, along with hardwood ooring and leather furnishings that further lend a rustic appeal. Another perk is the men’s lounge, a gathering spot where guys can play pool or enjoy a beverage. Services are likewise detail-oriented. Attentive professionals cater to male clients with popular offerings that range from classic cuts and hot-towel straight-razor shaves to hand-detailing. “The men of Knoxville have embraced Frank’s because it gives them everything they remember about going to the barbershop as a kid with their dads,” says co-owner Frank Gambuzza. —K.D. 7 1 ∕ 2 Stylin g Shears Thinnin g Shea rs 5 1 ∕ 2 Styling Shears

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