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Wise Guy Hot Seat Help male guests sit back and relax with the 660 Grande barber chair, the newest addition to Pibbs Industries ’ Salon Evolution collection. The 660 Grande features a dual reclining mechanism and oversized footrest to give clients the utmost comfort during their barber services, and is also available with a recessed headrest (model 661). Opt for classic black or any of Pibbs’ 35 designer vinyl colors. —C.R. WORD TO THE GUYS Crowd Pleaser Thanks to the new GQ Barbershop at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, men can refresh their look while attending a sporting event or concert. The 400-square-foot space, which opened in January, is the result of a partnership between GQ magazine and the hip New York City-and San Francisco-based barbershop, Fellow Barber. Located in the arena’s main concourse, the barbershop offers haircuts, shaves and facial hair trimming, as well as a selection of grooming products. “We’re thrilled to team up with Fellow Barber and Barclays Center on the rst-ever GQ Barbershop,” says Chris Mitchell, GQ magazine vice president and publisher. “It’s the ideal intersection of style and entertainment. What better place than Brooklyn, one of the coolest places on the planet, to launch this venture.” —N.A. Six Andis Company employees are looking sharp after the company selected them for makeovers, coinciding with the American Legacy collection release, its rst styling series. Andis educators Kenny Duncan and Jason Potchen relied on Andis tools to create looks like the Classic Side Part on Jonathon from the shipping department (seen here). “We wanted to use Andis associates for the American Legacy collection because they’re integral to the Andis heritage and craftsmanship that’s recognized worldwide by generations of barbers and stylists,” says Karen Formico, vice president of marketing. For Jonathon’s side part, Duncan and Potchen called on the Supra 120 ion and SlimLine AFTER Pro Trimmer (seen here). They used the Supra in the No. 1 position to cut clipper-over-comb in a horseshoe section. At the parietal ridge, they worked to the occipital and nape to the opposite side, and used the comb as a guide to create a taper. They nished the dapper look with BEFORE the SlimLine Pro around the ears and for the goatee. —C.R. 56 American Salon April 2014 LEGACY STATUS EMANUEL As a barber, it’s SAN MARTIN important to care about the details of every haircut, whether it’s a trim or a full transformation. Here, Bellus Academy Cosmetology Educator Emanuel “Manny” San Martin offers tips for how to build a relationship with your clients for a more rewarding experience. On trend. Many clients may come in asking for cuts that are favorable for side parts, which are very big right now. Not everyone has this natural part, but it can be created with any hair. Making the cut. Men looking for stronger and more rigid clipper cuts can expect to return for a touchup soon. Suggest a scissor cut for clients seeking low-maintenance styles that take longer to grow out—because this takes time, it can be priced higher. Style inspiration. Men often come in with Instagram photos the way that women come in with magazines. Instagram has become a great source for men’s hairstyles and barber inspiration. Make sure you feel comfortable tailoring the style to meet the needs of any client’s hair type and texture. Trust exercise. Have a conversation early on about your client’s hair goals and limitations. The more you build a relationship, the better! Unique lines. Hairlines are like ngerprints; each person’s is unique and has a different growth pattern, and the nape of the neck has one of the most dif cult patterns. Scissor-cutting can help tailor cuts and works with challenges like scars and cowlicks. Short and sweet. Cutting thinning hair shorter will streamline it to the head. Keeping it longer can make it look weak and stringy, drawing more attention. Above and beyond. Don’t be afraid to offer clients services in addition to the cut, such as an eyebrow trim. As men age, they may see extra hair growth around the eyebrows, nose and ears. A warm towel facial and rinse are nice ways to get rid of extra little hairs.—S.S.

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